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Nepras offers through their specialized engineers and consultants the best services without the need to have your own staff, and we will transfer our experiences with ease and comfort way.

Now it is possible to have a reliable wired or wireless Computers Networks, establish your Datacenter, VoIP network and a lot of other related services without the need to hire specialists and experts to plan, design, and configure the equipment and software. Also, you will not need a resident technical support and maintenance team or specialists to ensure information security.

Nepras offers services in the following areas:

1. Consulting services in the field of Networking, Datacenters, Operating Systems and Applications.

2. Design of Networks Infrastructure, Operating Systems and information Systems.

3. Supervising the implementation of contracts for the supply of equipment, applications.

4. Technical description of equipment and software which related to network services.

5. Supervision of staff hiring in the field of network infrastructure and tests of recruitment in networks and systems fields. Also, we have a specialized team in the installation and configuration for servers and storage systems.

6. Technical Support for IT and Network Infrastructure services.

7. Training services in the field of IT and Network Infrastructure.

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